How do I earn coins?

Coins can be earned by initiating conversations, sharing live-selfies and -videos or received as a gift.

How do I disburse coins?

From 1333 coins on, which are about 50 euros, you can disburse your coins in euros. You can choose between full and selected amount. For safety reasons 30 days have pass between receiving the credit and the disbursement. In the upper right corner you can see your current coin balance and the available amount to be disbursed. It does not matter if you only want to disburse part of your coins, none of the remaining coins will expire. For your desired disbursement you can choose between PayPal and standard bank transfer. Discretion is our priority that is why none of your data is shared and we guarantee 100% security. Processing of your disbursement may take up to 3 working days. Please contact our support team for further information. We are more than happy to assist further.

Why can’t I upload pictures from another point of time?

Well, that’s our motto: only selfies, profile pictures and videos taken right away in our app! We are sure you will also prefer real people instead of fake pictures!

How can I leave a like for someone?

After finishing your conversation, you will be given an opportunity to leave a like for your chat partner.

What is Rinsing App?

Rinsing is made for sophisticated men, who search for conversations with desirable ladies. The woman’s chat time gets refunded with coins, as a sign of appreciation, and she pays her full attention to her chat partner. Rinsing is the ideal chance to distinguish oneself and to chat with women who usually would not respond, neither send live-selfies or -videos from their everyday life. 100% real and authentic.

HIn which languages can Rinsing be used?

Depending on the selected country on your smartphone following languages are available:

  • German
  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dansih
  • Swedish
How do I detect an open conversation?

A missing lock-icon in the messages overview portend on an open conversation.

How can I send emojis?
  • On Android emojis must be activated via settings, afterwards they will be visible in your keypad.
  • On iOS they are preset.
How do I report misuses from other users?

Call up the messages overview, select the particular user, then click the arrow in the upper right corner à report à now you can report the breach of our terms & conditions of use.

What is not allowed to be sent via message?

Spam, offenses, legally infringements, links and phone numbers are prohibited.

What happens when the conversation is about to end?

As long as the conversation does not get prolonged, all contents will be deleted after the end of it.

Why can’t I upload pictures from another point of time?

Authentic pictures (original pictures) are important to our users. We also want to prevent fake profiles this way.

What are coin presents?

Coin present can only be sent by men. In doing so the man selects the amount as well as the reason (if wanted or needed).

Can you take a screenshot?

Taking screenshots is not allowed.

Why is taking screenshots prohibited?

According to surveys many users place value on discretion.

I do not want to disburse the money yet, is that possible?

Your coin balance does not expire, you choose the point of time of your disbursement.

Who is able to take screenshots?

In general screenshots are prohibited in the app. On Android there is a screenshot blockage, iOS user get warned or banned.